The Collab Corner

‘What’s blogging life without a little collaboration’

The Black Book Dubai is very excited to launch the Collab corner, where we’ll be inviting guest bloggers, from various walks of life, to share their thoughts with us.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, pls do so on

List of Collaborators

Nainaa Rajpaal

Nainaa loves to think of herself as quirky, hippie that travels the world and meets interesting people, but all she really is,is a To-Do List maker, who drinks a lot of coffee.She was an analyst at Goldman Sachs, before completing her Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communication at the St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication. She now works as a copywriter in Bangalore & learns martial arts as a hobby.

You can check out her work here:

What got me motivated to write a blog 

Geeta Kapoor

Geeta very recently left her high paying consulting job to search for the true meaning of life. Her journey for self discovery began in Bali & let’s see where she goes from here.

You can check out her work here:

Diary of a Wandering Girl


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