What got me motivated to write a blog?

Unlike most people that write a blog because well, “How can you NOT have a blog?”, my reason was a bit more dramatic!

I was fortunate enough to attend a personality development program in Malaysia & my professor made a statement that jolted me out of a daytime stupor.

He asked me to describe 3 experiences of my life that I was proud of. And I couldn’t.

He said most people go through life like a river. Aimlessly flowing, without stopping to think of everything you have done or could do better.

And the only thing one can ‘slow the flow’ is by writing down your experiences. Writing allows you to make permanent, your past memories & stay inspired to make new ones.

That why I began the Experience Diaries & love to call myself an Experience Hunter (Cheesiness Alert)

Any experience good, bad or ugly goes in there, making me feel in control of life.

And that folks, is the lesson of the day. Here’s Nainaa Rajpaal signing out (Acute Cheesy Syndrome at play!)

About Nainaa

Nainaa loves to think of herself as quirky, hippie that travels the world and meets interesting people, but all she really is,is a To-Do List maker, who drinks a lot of coffee.She was an analyst at Goldman Sachs, before completing her Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communication at the St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication. She now works as a copywriter in Bangalore & learns martial arts as a hobby.


What is the Collab Corner

‘What’s blogging life without a little collaboration’

The Black Book Dubai is very excited to launch the Collab corner, where we’ll be inviting guest bloggers, from various walks of life, to share their thoughts with us.

What does the GMAT have to do with an MBA anyway?

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few months, a lot of people around me, seem to have caught the GMAT bug. However, I still unable to get my head around this question! What does the GMAT have to do with an MBA?

So, what is GMAT?

Everyone, it is an exam that is designed, to gauge your suitability into a Business School (to pursue an MBA ). Depending on how much you score, your worth in life is determined (yeah, a good score means you get into a top b-school & get picked by fancy multi-national companies, with six digit compensation packages)!

It is, essentially a 3 & a half hour exam, & is broken down into fancy sounding sections (like verbal, reasoning, quantitative, you get the hang!),

but at the end of the day it boils down to Math & English.(In the first place, I fail to understand what my mathematical & english skills have to do with a management program or essentially my ability to manage a business situation, but that’s a different story anyways)

Just how pointless is it?

To give you an idea, here below is a sample Math & English question:


If u > t, r > q, s > t, and t > r, which of the following must be true?

I. u > s
II. s > q
III. u > r

  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) III only
  • (D) I and II
  • (E) II and III

Yeah, go on! Tell me..

& this by the way, is only one example. I’ve seen some weirder questions, that range from calculating the probability of pulling a red cube, from a bag of multi colored cubes, on the first attempt

OR even better,

Determining the time at which, two opposing trains, travelling at certain speeds, would pass each other

OR how much is the area of the fence that has been built around a house! I mean, for crying out loud, why would you pay money to put yourself through this!


While larger banks can afford to maintain their own data-processing operations, many smaller regional and community banks are finding that the cost associated with upgrading data-processing equipment and with the development and maintenance of new products and technical staff are prohibitive.

(A) cost associated with
(B) costs associated with
(C) costs arising from
(D) cost of
(E) costs of

Sigh! Why would you..



Pray tell me, when was the last time you saw your manager/CEO/colleague, think like this, to solve a business problem? Probably never!

and rightly so, because answering questions like these, do not help in achieving anything – neither does it make one a better manager, nor do they help take any decisions. So why subject yourself to this torture!

The Verdict

Well, save the money that you were going to invest in a GMAT training course & the subsequent exam. If you absolutely must do an MBA, then there are a lot of good schools that offer this without having to take the GMAT.

& well, in real life, simply use truck loads of common sense to solve your problems!

If any of you’ll have given the GMAT, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Until next time,


Sunday is the worst day of the Week

In case you have not read it properly; let me reiterate!

Sunday is the worst day of the week!

For us little people, living in the Middle East. Can you believe it? It is the first day of the working week.

You know what’s worst? The fact that all your friends, across the globe, are sleeping, blissfully unaware, as you battle the long traffic queues, pending work problems & a weekend hangover.

& you are all alone; because nobody else understand this concept of working on Sunday!

So what can you do, to make Sunday a little bearable?

1. Wake up early

Yes, as difficult as it may sound, it’s one of the best ways to start your week. You do not have to wake up 1 -2 hours earlier, just 5-10 minutes will help. The idea, is to give yourself enough time to complete  your morning routine, rather than just mechanically living through it.

2. Listen to the radio on full blast, as you drive to work

Honestly, it always brings a smile to my face. While I personally like listening to The Kris Fade Show (as does the whole of Dubai), any radio station that plays good music would do.Well, and the fact that those poor souls wake up a full three hours before me on Sunday morning, just sort of lessens the misery.

3. Get that Cup of Coffee

I mean, don’t over think. Just get it. So what if you’ve already cheated over the weekend? A cup of coffee is not going to change anything plus, you have the whole week then to make up for it. I find, kick starting the weekend, with that huge mug of coffee, does wonders.

4. Make a list of things that you need to get done in the Week

Preferably on pen & paper, before you switch on that mean machine. It not only helps you organize your mind, early on a Sunday morning, but it also gives the whole week a sense of direction. I also find, those stolen 10-15 minutes, before the whole office goes abuzz, the best time to get your thoughts together.

Do you have any tried & tested ways to drive those Sunday blues? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,


Want to Start Blogging? Well, Don’t!

Yes, you read that right!

Tell me, how many of you’ll have empty blogs? The one’s that you started with full intent, but never got down to actually developing!

We’ve all been there, done that (myself included). The idea is to start a blog because you have something to say, not simply to jump onto the bandwagon.

So what are the few things to keep in mind, before opening a blog? Here’s my two cents on it:

1. Read, Read & Read

I cannot stress, on how important, it is to read – read articles, magazines, other blogs, Facebook posts or even advertisements if you want to. It really shows you the various ways in which an idea/message can be put across.

2. Pen down a journal

Yes! It doesn’t have to be detailed or lengthy – simply a framework of the various ideas you might want to touch upon, the people you wish to collaborate with & a tentative posting timeline.

3. Prepare a Blog Schedule

Starting a blog is hard work!
It’s essential to have a certain schedule for writing posts, publishing them, putting out teasers, contacting people. It helps maintain consistency & it also motivates you to continue writing.

If there are any more tips & tricks that you may have, do let me know!

P.S. I will leave you with a very interesting quote by popular blogger Ron Dawson (you can check out his work here – http://daredreamermag.com/about/ron-dawson/)

“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.”

Until next time,


The Euro’s Falling: So what’s in it for us?

Hello World,

The Euro’s falling. I mean falling hard, 1 Euro = 3.86 AED

Never though I’d live to see this day.

That’s all everyone’s been talking about here – from breakfast shows, to water cooler conversations. While some think, this would revive Europe’s economy, others think it would make imports cheaper.

But, what’s in it, for us, normal people, living in Dubai, battling the traffic of Sheikh Zayed Road?

Here are four things, that we could do:

Travel, Travel, & More Travel

Travelling to any part of Europe has never been so economical. From travel packages, to flights, to sight seeing deals – take advantage of this while it lasts. (Stay tuned for more details on these)

Buy the Euro

If you’re planning to travel to Europe, in the next few months, it would make sense to buy some currency now – you’ll get more euros for your dirham habibi. Or maybe, you could monitor the rate for a few weeks & then buy. But make sure you do, for we don’t know how long this would last.

Do that online course, you’ve been eyeing to,for quite sometime

Always wanted to do that French fashion course or study language in Spain? The one that you were putting off, due to obviously, the fees. Now’s a good time to The revisions in course fees have not yet, been revised by universities. So it’s a good time to invest in some education.

Online Shopping

Imagine if we told you, that without an increase in your salary, you can still shop more than before. That’s exactly what you could do now! Look out for European websites, that are offering deals, & in some case free shipping as well.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time,


Hello World!


This is officially my first post in the blogosphere & I cannot tell you how excited I am.

After contemplating, for a very long time, whether to start writing or not, I finally made the plunge, into this big, beautiful world of blogging.

There were a few reasons why I was hesitant to begin:

  1. I was not sure if I could write

  2. I didn’t know if anyone would want to read what I write

  3. There were already so many awesome bloggers, I was not sure if I stood any chance at all

But now that I have finally started a blog, well here’s hoping for the best 🙂

In my next post, I will be talking about how I got over this blogging fear & awesome people who inspired me to start!

Have any one of you’ll ever had butterflies in your stomach, before launching your own blog? If so, what did you do to get over them?

Until, next time