Why I would hop away from IHOP & Customer Expectations

This weekend, I happened to visit the IHop restaurant at Dubai Mall, while the overall experience was not bad, it was not all that great either. Here are few reasons, why I might just give it a skip next time:

The Omlettes were cold

I mean stone cold – while I do understand that weekend’s are a busy time, but that is not reason enough to serve cold food

Mixed Up Orders

Again,we’d specifically asked for a dish, but when the order came, it was all wrong. After waiting for about 20 mins for our order, we ended up getting the wrong one & then had to wait another 10 mins for the right one.

The Hash Browns were all over the place

Yeah, the Hash Browns were not nice at all, apart form being lukewarm, they were all were all over the place.

If all of this had happened at some normal average restaurant, I probably would not have minded it. But when you walk into an IHop, as a customer I have certain expectations about the service, food quality & the overall experience. When this level of expectation was not matched, I was quite disappointed.

This makes one realize how fragile Customer Expectations are, if as a business you cannot meet them once, you might lose on your customers all together.


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