Diary of A Wandering Girl

Oh yes, I love travelling!

New places, different cultures, exotic cuisine, rich history – there is so much to discover.

But sometimes planning a trip is cumbersome and tiring, specially for people like me, who suffer from lazy bones syndrome.

I enjoy the bit that involves shopping, booking hotels and exploring different things to do. But don’t ask me to take charge of the trip and plan the day to day itinerary. I don’t want to take charge when I go on vacation mode. Isn’t that why I have taken the time off in the first place? And what fun does a planned trip have when you are 26? Spontaneity, where did you disappear?

But boy oh boy, travelling with a younger sibling who is far more particular than you is exhausting even before you board that plane to vacayland. This time around, I had to pack my bags 2 days before we fly out, my passport was in my purse with my air ticket, hotel stay and passport copy. As if this wasn’t enough, my sister also insisted that I carry a copy of her air ticket, hotel stay and passport. Hmpf!

I prefer travelling light. Minimum things to hold on to and swing around. You look less touristy that ways and attract far less attention of hawkers and taxi drivers. Bliss!

For now, I am going to reserve my judgement until I am back, either with big pouches under my eyes or a perfectly tanned skin!

Until then, lots of love.


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