Rendevouz with Rania

Rania Esper, well known fashion blogger, editor of the The Blush Diaries & also the Creative Director of The Blush Boutique. We caught up with her recently, & here’s what she had to say

Rania Esper

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about how ‘The Blush Diaries’ was created?

I was working in corporate marketing for a few years but I really wanted to get into the fashion industry. In January 2014 I finally decided to quit my job and pursue my dream.

  1. What are the best things & the biggest challenges of being a fashion blogger

Fashion blogging is exciting because I get to work on many different aspects,from styling to photography and writing. The biggest challenge I would say is keeping it fresh and always creating unique and engaging content.

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about how you go about building an article?

I work on my editorial calendar at the end of each month. I brainstorm upcoming   topics, schedule photo shoots, purchase outfits etc. I like to write my articles a couple   of days in advance to give me time to proofread and be completely happy with them.

  1. All the pictures on your blog have a very chic feel about them. Who does your amazing photography?

Thank you, I’m really happy you like them! I take all the photos for my lifestyle and beauty posts myself. As for my outfit posts, I’m currently working with Olga from Sand in the City Dubai and it’s been wonderful.

  1. How would you describe your own personal style?

My style is dependant on my mood, but I would say I’m pretty much girly-chic at heart.

  1. What are the key fashion trends that we should be looking out this summer?

I anticipate a lot of graphic tees, bohemian maxis and ethereal lace, all of my favorites!

  1. If you could travel back to any fashion decade, which one would it be?

If I to choose just one it would be the 1920’s. I love the beautiful headpieces, bold red lipstick and chic dresses.

  1. What are some of your favourite boutiques to shop at?

I like to always change it up and search for new places, but I currently love Asos, Boohoo Official and Daily Look (all online).

  1. We hear, you’re online boutique is up & running. What kind of styles can we expect?

Yes, we launched on March 26th. The Blush Boutique is all about fun, flirty items all made with love.

  1. Lastly, what would like to say to all the aspiring fashion bloggers, out there?

I encourage all aspiring bloggers to follow their passion, but it’s a lot of hard work and you have to be ready to put in the time.

Thank you Rania, for sharing your thoughts with us. We wish you all the luck with your future endeavors.

Do check out her amazing work at The Blush Diaries


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