The Driver’s of Dubai

If you live in Dubai, then chances are, more that 80% of your life is spent driving (I don’t mean the F & F 7 type of driving, but the slow, brake – accelerate –  brake Shk Zayed Road driving)

Based on my experience so far, no matter which part of Dubai you’re in, you will most definitely bump into the below, very special driver’s

1. The Forever Ferrari’s

Yeah, those people, who are in a state of eternal hurry – other cars be damned! You can hear them (or rather the sound of their state of the art aerodynamic engines) before you can see them in your rear view mirror & in a blink of a second, they’ve already zig zaged across you.

2. The Flasher’s

These driver’s are signal, speed limit & traffic blind – no matter what the situation is, they will flash. They expect the other cars to change lanes in less than a second to make way for them, or they will start with another string of flashes. It’s okay if somebody driving painfully slow on a fast lane track, but if a person is already driving  at the legal speed limit, where do you expect the car to go?

3. The Lane Cutter’s

These guys are easy to spot, half of their wheels are always on the lane next to which they are supposedly driving the car. So if you’re anywhere around them, you’ll be kept wondering if they’re planning to change lanes or not. The worst part is, there is no sure shot way of gauging these drivers – sometimes they may actually shift lanes & land in front of you, sometime they will just straighten their cars & continue driving.

4. The Drifter’s

They are somewhat similar to the Lane Cutter’s; however, these guys, randomly drift into the next lane, when there’s a bridge or a curve. As soon as they realize it, they straighten back into their lanes. Another variant to this type, are the smartphone drifters;yeah those guys who are busy with their smartphones & have absolutely no idea that their car has drifted onto the next lane.


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