What got me motivated to write a blog?

Unlike most people that write a blog because well, “How can you NOT have a blog?”, my reason was a bit more dramatic!

I was fortunate enough to attend a personality development program in Malaysia & my professor made a statement that jolted me out of a daytime stupor.

He asked me to describe 3 experiences of my life that I was proud of. And I couldn’t.

He said most people go through life like a river. Aimlessly flowing, without stopping to think of everything you have done or could do better.

And the only thing one can ‘slow the flow’ is by writing down your experiences. Writing allows you to make permanent, your past memories & stay inspired to make new ones.

That why I began the Experience Diaries & love to call myself an Experience Hunter (Cheesiness Alert)

Any experience good, bad or ugly goes in there, making me feel in control of life.

And that folks, is the lesson of the day. Here’s Nainaa Rajpaal signing out (Acute Cheesy Syndrome at play!)

About Nainaa

Nainaa loves to think of herself as quirky, hippie that travels the world and meets interesting people, but all she really is,is a To-Do List maker, who drinks a lot of coffee.She was an analyst at Goldman Sachs, before completing her Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communication at the St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication. She now works as a copywriter in Bangalore & learns martial arts as a hobby.


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