What does the GMAT have to do with an MBA anyway?

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few months, a lot of people around me, seem to have caught the GMAT bug. However, I still unable to get my head around this question! What does the GMAT have to do with an MBA?

So, what is GMAT?

Everyone, it is an exam that is designed, to gauge your suitability into a Business School (to pursue an MBA ). Depending on how much you score, your worth in life is determined (yeah, a good score means you get into a top b-school & get picked by fancy multi-national companies, with six digit compensation packages)!

It is, essentially a 3 & a half hour exam, & is broken down into fancy sounding sections (like verbal, reasoning, quantitative, you get the hang!),

but at the end of the day it boils down to Math & English.(In the first place, I fail to understand what my mathematical & english skills have to do with a management program or essentially my ability to manage a business situation, but that’s a different story anyways)

Just how pointless is it?

To give you an idea, here below is a sample Math & English question:


If u > t, r > q, s > t, and t > r, which of the following must be true?

I. u > s
II. s > q
III. u > r

  • (A) I only
  • (B) II only
  • (C) III only
  • (D) I and II
  • (E) II and III

Yeah, go on! Tell me..

& this by the way, is only one example. I’ve seen some weirder questions, that range from calculating the probability of pulling a red cube, from a bag of multi colored cubes, on the first attempt

OR even better,

Determining the time at which, two opposing trains, travelling at certain speeds, would pass each other

OR how much is the area of the fence that has been built around a house! I mean, for crying out loud, why would you pay money to put yourself through this!


While larger banks can afford to maintain their own data-processing operations, many smaller regional and community banks are finding that the cost associated with upgrading data-processing equipment and with the development and maintenance of new products and technical staff are prohibitive.

(A) cost associated with
(B) costs associated with
(C) costs arising from
(D) cost of
(E) costs of

Sigh! Why would you..



Pray tell me, when was the last time you saw your manager/CEO/colleague, think like this, to solve a business problem? Probably never!

and rightly so, because answering questions like these, do not help in achieving anything – neither does it make one a better manager, nor do they help take any decisions. So why subject yourself to this torture!

The Verdict

Well, save the money that you were going to invest in a GMAT training course & the subsequent exam. If you absolutely must do an MBA, then there are a lot of good schools that offer this without having to take the GMAT.

& well, in real life, simply use truck loads of common sense to solve your problems!

If any of you’ll have given the GMAT, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Until next time,



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